Friday, September 3, 2010

Computer does not start. Virus has corrupted OS file

Hi Friends,

Some type of Virus corrupt OS files and due to this computer no longer starts. This happens sometimes when your computer is affected by some specific type of Virus. To solve this problem you need to repair OS file and remove virus from your computer.

Now question is how can I remove virus, because computer does not boot at all? You can solve this problem by using Rescue CD from any AV company. It is usually free. You need to download and then burn CD from another computer.

Below are lists of website where you can download this ISO files for free.

I have personally used F-secure and found it useful. You can use either link or search Rescue CD from Google.

Once you download and burn Image on CD. Insert CD in your infected computer CD drive and boot your computer using CD. Once you are in select appropriate option and scan your computer.

I hope this will help to solve your problem. Please let me know if you have more question. You can always leave your comments on my blog or send me an email at for free.

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