Monday, September 6, 2010

How can i get rid of all Likes on my facebook Account ?

Many Facebook users accidently click on Likes on any group or friends. Later they can not find how to delete all or some Likes from Facebook profile.

There is very easy option to remove likes. You need to click on Accounts on your profile page and then Edit Friends. Now left had side click on All Connection. You can click on X if you want to get rid of that group or person or so on. Please refer image.

If the above method will not work then you need to manually unlike all like pages. To do it manucally first open page which you want to Unlike. Type name in search field. Once you are on that page. scroll down to bottom and you will see unlike in left hand side. click on Unlike. Please refer image for refrence.

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  1. thankyou, this was very helpful!

  2. when i click that it doesn't come up.. ?

  3. It dont work so there and what are you meant to do anyway

  4. I just learned where to actually find all dislikes on facebook after countless tries. You go the profile on your account on fb. Click. Go to More button and click. You will see a likes button. Click on it. It gives you a breakdown on where your likes are. Then you simply click on whichever button you want to start disliking or viewing to remove from fb. Usually other is where you go. Unfortunately, you have to go through each other and unlike and that can take days or weeks if you have maxed it to the limit like I have. If you are uncertain of something and go to that page to see what it is before you unlike, then you have to start over again from top and work your way toward the bottom. It only allows you to go through one line at a time. Agonizingly slow but at least you know where to go now to get rid of your likes without closing down your fb for 2 wks plus.