Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to upload video on Facebook

If you want to upload Video on facebook then please follow some easy steps mentioned below.
On your Facebook click on Home and then click on More on left side of your home page. Once you will click More you will be able to see photos. Here under Photos click on Video.
To upload video click on upload video button on right hand side of your home page. Please refer image.

From here you will have three options to upload video. You can either upload video from your computer, from mobile or you can record from your webcam (if any attached).
Facebook allow you to upload video max size 1024 MB and no more then 20 minutes.
I hope this post helps you to understand more about how to upload video on Facebook.
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  1. can my facebook friend download viedo or only watch video.?

  2. Hi Amit,

    First of all thank you for your question. I like when people ask question.

    Now answer of your que. Technically your friends can only watch your video. But if they have some sort of software which has ability to download video via web streaming (such as Real player downloaded, or mozila download healper) then they can download it.

    Computer Guru

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    1. hey i upload my video and than i tag my friend but my friend say that they can't see my video why?
      please tell me how can my friend see my video......