Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to Uninstall AVG Antivirus

How to Uninstall AVG or ESET?
Many users have problem uninstalling AVG from their computer. So I have decided how to uninstall AVG step by step.
1.       Open Control panel and search for AVG/ESET
2.       Click on AVG/ESET and then click on Uninstall
3.       Once it is uninstalled restart your computer
4.       Sometimes this process remove AVG/ESET from your computer but it will leave some of the files. You need to manually uninstall or delete those files.
5.       In case if you do not want to remove manually or you can not uninstall AVG at all then you need to download AVG uninstaller from AVG website.

6.       Download this file and start your computer in safe mode. Then run this file and foloow instruction.

In case it still says AVG/ESET is not uninstalled properly then you need to clean up registry. You can use cccleaner . It is free and best cleaner from computer. You can download this from

Once it is installed Run cccleaner and scan for registry error. Delete corrupted registry. And restart your computer.

This method is not only limited to AVG/ESET. You can use this method to uninstall any unwanted software which you can not uninstall properly.

I hope this will help you. Good luck

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  1. Nice blog post. Thanks for sharing the information.

  2. Hi PCCare. I am Glad my post has helped you.