Friday, March 11, 2011

How to block user on facebook

How to Block User in Facebook
Manytimes on Facbook strange people send your friend request. Once you accept their fried request they can view all your photos and profile. Later you finds that your tange friend downloads your photos or send you a lot of messages and now you want to block that friend. If you do not know how to block user then you get annoyed by his/her messages.
If you are in this situation refer below steps to block friends. Once you block friend you will not appear in his search and also he can not see your profile . Depend on your privecy settings.
There are three methods which you can use to block user in facebook. You can use either of them to block user.
1.       Using Privecy Settings.

è Click on Accounts menu on top right hand side of your profile and then click on Privecy Settings.
è Now Click on Edit your List under  Block Lists. Please refer Image

è Type user name or email address and click on Block. It will block user. Refer image. You can remove blocked user by clicking Remove button.

2.       By going to user’s Profile

è First go to user’s profile whom you want to block
è Now click on Report/Block User
è It will block those user . Refer Image

3.       By using messages

è If user has send you message ever then you can go to that message and click on Report
è It will open new window
è Click Block user Refer Image

Just one condition: Please do not block me on Facebook. !!!!!!

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  1. some one has created a fake account with my name and has written dirty words about me. How to stop that account. Any suggestions..?

  2. post me the reply in thank you...