Monday, March 28, 2011

Windows Shortcut Keys

If you want to look cool or want to impress your friends or just want to use computer without mouse then you must know "Windows Shortcut Keys"

I hardly use mouse. I can work faster if i do not use mouse. I have posted some of the windows Shortcut Keys which you can use incase of your mouse is not working.

WINKEY (Pressing the Windows key alone) opens Start Menu

WINKEY+L: Lock your workstation

WINKEY+D: Display the desktop

WINKEY+Spacebar: Preview desktop
WINKEY+M: Minimise all windows

WINKEY+Shift+M: Maximise all windows
WINKEY+E: Opens My Computer

WINKEY+F: Opens Search box

WINKEY+R: Opens Run dialog

WINKEY+Home: Minimise all but active window

WINKEY+Tab: Task Switching

WINKEY + F1 Opens the Microsoft Windows help and support center

WINKEY + F3 Opens the Advanced find window in Microsoft Outlook

WINKEY + D  Brings the desktop to the top of all other windows

WINKEY + SHIFT + M Undo the minimize done by WINKEY + M and WINKEY + D.

WINKEY + E Open Microsoft Explorer.

WINKEY + Tab Cycle through open programs through the taskbar

WINKEY + F Display the Windows Search / Find feature

WINKEY + CTRL + F  Display the search for computers window

WINKEY + Pause / Break key  Open the system properties window

WINKEY + U Open Utility Manager.
WINKEY + P Quickly change between monitor display types

WINKEY + LEFT ARROW Shrinks the window to 1/2 screen on the left side for side by side viewing

WINKEY + RIGHT ARROW Shrinks the window to 1/2 screen on the right side for side by side viewing

WINKEY + UP ARROW When in the side by side viewing mode, this shortcut takes the screen back to full size

WINKEY + DOWN ARROW Minimizes the screen.  Also, when in the side by side viewing mode, this shortcut takes the screen back to a minimized size

Alt + Tab  Switch between open applications.

Alt + Shift + Tab  Switch backwards between open applications.

Alt + double-click   Display the properties of the object you double-click on. For example, doing this on a file would display its properties.

Ctrl + Tab  Switches between program groups or document windows in applications that support this feature.

Ctrl + Shift + Tab  Same as above but backwards.

Alt + Print Screen  Create a screen shot only for the program you are currently in.

Ctrl + Print Screen    Creates a screen shot of the entire screen
Ctrl + Alt + Del  Reboot the computer and brings up the Windows task manager.
Ctrl + Shift + Esc   Immediately bring up the Windows task manager.

Ctrl + Esc  Bring up the Windows Start menu. In Windows 3.x this would bring up the Task Manager.

Alt + Esc  Switch Between open applications on taskbar.

I Hope you will like this. Please leave your comments.

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