Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fake Antivirus starts Automatically when I restart PC. My normal AV can not remove it.

In this situtation you must need to follow all steps mention below.

First of all you need Trojan Horse removal programme on your computer.The best and free software is MalwareByte. You can download malwarebyte for free from

then install it on your computer. Make sure once it is installed click on Update Tab and then update to latest database. Scan all drive using this software. Once it is done it will show you infected files. Please remove all and restart your PC. If it will not let you to start this malwarebyte programme in normal mode then you need to start your computer in safe mode. and scan in safe mode.

Sometimes Trojan Horse will start automatically when PC starts. In this case you need to remove infected files from startup item. You can download system explorer from

and in system explorer on left had side click on start up and disable any suspecious file by right clicking on it.

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  1. Thanks for your Post. It saved my Life....

  2. thats pretty sweet man, my pc is back on track in a matter of minutes! ty u very much

  3. @Mark, I am Glad to hear my Post has helped to solve your Problem.