Monday, August 30, 2010

Lock any running application on your PC (Free Software from Duriosoft)

One of my friends request me to find software to lock running application and i have found very good free software which allows to lock any application on your desktop. I would like to share info with you.

If you share your computer with other people or sometimes leave your computer running alone and you dont want other people to see your running application such as outlook/email or word document or excel sheet or internet browser you can use LockThis Programme.

This programme is easy to use. you can give your own password. So when you share your computer with other users you can minimise application and give password so only you can see that application with valid password. To lock any application you Just press Ctrl button and click on minimise button. once it is minimised you must need to provide password to open minimised application.

I found this programme very helpful. If you want to download or want more information you can check or you can always send me an email at
and i will send you file to download.

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