Thursday, August 26, 2010

Which Laptop/Computer Should i buy ?

Hi All,

As i am IT professional, many of my friends, relatives and work colleague ask me about computer brand to buy. I personally prefer Apple and Dell (If wants windows OS). You can install windows OS on Apple computer.

Now about computer brands. There are many computer companies such as Lenovo, Dell, Sony, HP, Toshiba, Acer etc.

In my day to day life i come across many computer problems. I personally prefer Dell (for low budget) or Lenovo (If high budget). Lenovo computer/laptops are the best in performance as well as strong body. but again they are expensive. If you are on low budget you should go for Dell. They are the best in customer service. If you have some hardware failure and it has onsite warranty technician fix problem within 24 hours. Thats why i love Dell.

The worst customer service in computer world as per my experience is HP. I have many friends who had bad experince with HP. HP is good for business computers but not for laptop or personal computers. Sony Laptops are also very expensive as they spend lot of money in design.

Please leave your comments if you have good or bad experience with any computer company.

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  1. Yes Lenovo is good for all purpose. Sony is also fine but quite expensive.