Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to Print photo from iPhone

Print Photo From iPhone without using USB cable or Computer

1.       If you do not have USB cable or you want to print photos directly from your iPhone without USB or you do not have computer. To print photos without computer you need Wi-Fi HP printer and obviously Wi-Fi connection

2.       First of all download HP ‘s iPrint Photo application on your iPhone. This application is free of charge.

3.       Now you can use this application to print photo. It is very simple application.

4.       There are also many paid applications such as Air Sharing Pro. Are available for download.

Print photo from iphone using USB cable
1.       First of all Create new folder named “iPhone Images” on desktop.

2.       Connect your iPhone with PC using USB cable.

     3.       Now open Scanner and Camera wizard. To open this wizard in XP click on start-> all programme-> Accessories-> Scanner and Camera Wizard. Refer Image below.  If you have Win Vista or 7. CLick on start and Type "Scanner"in search field.

4.       Now click on the “Advance Users Only” in scanner and camera wizard. This will open iPhone folders and files.

5.       Now right select images by pressing “ctrl” button and copy and paste it in folder which we created in step one.

6.       Now you have images on your computer which you can take in USB and print from local shop if you do not have photo printer.

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