Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to Copy Videos to iPAD

Copy or transfer Videos from computer to ipad is always frustrating specially if you are not technically expert. I have mentioned procedure how you can copy video from your computer to iPad without using any third party tools. Assume your Video files are in .MP4 formate.

1) Install iTune from Apple website.

2) Open iTune

3) Now click on Movie on left hand side as shown per image.

4) Now click on File and click on Add files to library or Add folder to Library

5) Find Video or folder you want to upload to iPad.
6) Now click on File again and click on Sync iPAD

7) It will automatically copy all selected videos from computer to iPAD.

Advanced Steps:

Warning: This will remove all videos from your iPAD and from iTUNE. You must have copy of videos somewhere on your computer before doing this steps.

8) In case if you still can not see your videos in iPAD then you need to clear your itune library.

9) Click on Movie again and delete all files from movie and click on file and click on Sync iPAD.

10) Now follow procedure from steps 3 to 7

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  1. Thank you. I spend two days and could not figure out how to copy videos to iPAD. Your post is ver helpful.

  2. Thank You... :)

    I just bought iPad 3 few days back but can not find the option to copy Video's ...

    Let me try... Hope It will works fine.

  3. Good luck Mate.... I am still using iPAD 2 wish i could buy iPad 3.....

  4. Hi Nelly, Yeah it does work with iPAD 2. I copy videos regularly on my iPAD 2 using this method. Please let me know if you are getting any error message.

  5. Great awesome. You are champ. I was confused how to copy video to iPad. your post helped a lot.

  6. I have problem copying Video to my iPAD2. When i click on Sync it gives me warning message "All data will be erased Blah Blah Blah" not sure what it is about. If you can help me then it would be great. i do not want to erase all my installed and purchased applications.

    Thanks in Advance


  7. Hi Maria, Looks like you are trying to use another computer/laptop to copy videos on your iPAD. You can only use one computer to sync.

    If you will sync your iPAD from another computer then it will remove all Music/Movies from your iTune (Which is on your iPAD now). Do not worry it will not remove any installed application.

    I hope i answered your question.