Thursday, September 20, 2012

HP LJ 1022 Printer Keeps Stopping Print Spooler

This is common problem on windows 7 with HP Laser Jet 1022 printer. The reason behind this issue is HP LJ 1022 driver conflict with Adobe. I had same issue with one of my client’s computer. After spending about 4 hours I found solution which worked perfectly.

Resolution for Windows 7 32 Bit:

1. Download HP-LJ-1022-FIX ZIP files from here

2. UnZIP files in any folder on Desktop

3. Copy SDhp1020.DLL , SDDM32.DLL , ZTAG32.DLL , ZGDI32.DLL files from Unziped folder

4. Paste these four files in below directory: C:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\w32×86\3

Note: Make sure you copy in this folder and overwrite any existing files in that folder.

Reboot your computer and it should start printing now without killing spooler

After doing above steps if HP LJ 1022 keeps stopping spooler then follow below steps

1. Unplug Printer cable from Computer

2. Go to Devices and Printer and remove HP LJ 1022 Printer from there

3. Now click on STrat and type MMC.EXE and Open it

4. Click on Start and click on Add/Remove Snap in

5. Scroll Down to print Management select it and Press Add

6. Under New Window Click Add the Local Server and Press Finish

7. Now you will see Print Management in MMC console

8. Click on Printer With Jobs and Delete everything from there

9. Now Click on All drivers and Delete all HP Drivers

10. Now Open Registory and type HP LJ 1022 in Find field and delete any HP driver you find from registry

11. Once you delete all HP Print driver registory key then reboot your computer

12. Go to HP website and download driver for HP LJ 1022 13. Install Printer and now you should able to print without any issue

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