Sunday, September 30, 2012

Youtube Icon missing on iPAD and iPhone OS 6

Last week i had upgraded my iPAD to its new OS 6. After installing new OS i have found i am missing Youtube icon. It happened on iPhone as well. After installing new software on iPhone i found youtube icon is missing from iPhone.

After doing some reaserch i have found Apple has removed Youtube application from its OS 6.

For iPhone Users:

If you are iPhone user and missing youtube icon then you can go to Apps store and search for "Youtube". Luckly there is free youtube apps available for iPhone users. You can indtall it and enjoy Youtube.

For iPad Users:

There is no Youtube apps available for iPad users. If you are missing Youtube on your iPAD then you cant use iPhone youtube apps or can use alternative youtube apps. iPhone Youtube for iPAD is to small to use on iPad but you can use "Jasmine - The youtube Client". It is eactly same as youtube Apps. Obviously little changes but easy to use.

Youtube Apps for iPAD is coming soon. Meanwhile you can use Jasmine apps to watch youtube videos.

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  1. I was also missing youtube icon from my iPAD. I ahve installed Jasmin as per your recommendation. It works fine.

    Thanks again.

  2. I installed Jasmine but every video gives the same message " This video is currently unavailable." Videos won't play in the browser either.