Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Outlook 2011 won't open on MAC

Outlook 2011 Keeps crashing on iMAC

Outlook crashing is common issue on MAC. Sometimes on MAC when you start outlook it just open for a moment and disappear automatically.

This is issue with main identity (Microsoft Database) on MAC. You can simply rebuild database to solve this issue. Before you follow below steps please make sure you have back up of database.

1.       Quit all office application on MAC

2.       Hold option key and click on Outlook

3.       It will open Microsoft Database utility window.

4.       If this does not open Microsoft database utility window then follow below steps.
4.1   Open finder
4.2   Go to application folder
4.3   Go to Microsoft office 2011 folder
4.4   You will see Microsoft database utility there

5.       Once you Microsoft Database utility opens then select Main identity and click on rebuild

6.       It will create and rebuild main identity

7.       Now try to open outlook 2011 and see if this works.

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  1. Thank you for your help. My outlook 2011 was not opening and after using your steps it worked like champ. you saved my money and time. Thanks again.

  2. This solution was easy and worked perfectly. Thanks so much.

  3. THANK YOU! Wow simple fix for something that has made my life a pain all day!

    1. glad my solution helped you.... I spend lot of time when outlook 2011 stopped working on my mac.

  4. did not work! I got the following "Your database could not be rebuilt. [-18000] "

  5. worked for me!!! THX

  6. Very very useful and worked first time.
    Far more useful than anyone at MS support..