Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Volume control button does not display in taskbar

Error: Windows can not display the volume control on the taskbar because the volume control program has not been installed. To install it use Add/Remove programme in control panel.

Last week my computer was infected with virus. I managed to remove virus using virus software but some how AV software has damaged volume file on my computer.

When i went to control panel and tried to enable volume icon for desktop i was getting error : program is not installed. Use add remove button.

After lot of search and doing some try error method i was finally able to fix this issue.


 This problem happens when sndvol32.exe file is missing or corrupted.

Solution 1 :

1. Place XP CD in DVD drive

2. Open command prompt (Click start and click on RUN. Type cmd in Run and press enter)

3. Now find out your CD drive. Assume you have D as your cd drive

4. In command prompt type following command.

expand D:\i386\sndvol32.ex_ c:\windows\system32\sndvol32.exe

5. Once command runs close command prompt

6. Reboot your computer

7. Now again go to Control Panel, Audio settings and clcik Place Volume icon in the taskbar.

I hope this helps. Please leave your comment here.

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