Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mac users receive email attachment as winmail.dat


Many MAC users receive email attachment as winmail.dat. They wonder why they receive attachment as winmail.dat and  how to open winmail.dat attachment. There are many application you can use to open winmail.dat file

In this blog I will explain what windows (Outlook) user can do so receiver (MAC users) can open their attachment.

You can change registry settings on your exchange server but I personally do not like to play with registry on server so my solution is on client side.

1.       Open Outlook contacts
2.       Open contact who use MAC and receives your attachment as winmail.dat
3.       Right click on email address and select outlook Property
4.       Select internet format : Send as pain text only (please refer image)

5.       Now MAC user will see your attachment as normal attachment

Please comment here if you still have issue or if this post has helped you to solve winmail.dat issue

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  1. This is good solution and not risky because there is no reg. edit.