Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Computer running slow

There are many reasons behind computer running slow. If your computer is running very slow you can follow below steps. These are basic steps and you can do by your self and can make computer fast.

Step 1: Remove un-necessary programmes:

-          Click on Start
-          Go to control panel
-          Double click on Programme and Features
-          Remove un necessary programme
-          Restart your computer

Step 2: Disable unnecessary start up items:

-          Click Start and in search type  MSCONFIG

-          This will open New windows
-          --> Click on Start up TAB and un tick unnecessary services. Such as google updates, adobe reader etc.
-          Restart your computer

Step 3: Remove Temporary files:

-          Save it on desktop
-          Double click on temp file cleaner and click start
-          This will remove all temporary files from your computer. It will also remove files from Recycle bin and recently typed web addresses.
-          Restart your computer

Step 4: Defragment hard disk:

-          Click Start and go to All Programmes
-          Click on Accessories and under System tools you will find Disk Defragment
-          Run this one

These are the basic steps to make computer faster. All computer technicians use this steps to make computer faster. You can not do by yourself and save money.

If your computer is still slow then you need professional to look it. You can call me on 0433 927 478 or send me an email on  for free advise.

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  1. I did the first step, but it is still slow. So what can I do for next?