Wednesday, June 5, 2013

windows 8 blue screen of death with the error System Service Exception

One of my clients bought new laptop last month and he kept getting blue screen of death with error "System Service Exception" on windows 8 computer.

After spending lot of hours finally i figured out the issue. The issue was with one of the windows update KB2778344.

If you have similar issue then follow below steps to un install this update and prevent for future update of this perticular update.

1) On your desktop

-- right-click the lower left corner of the Desktop screen
-- go to Program and Features
-- Click on View installed updates
-- Now locate "Security Update for Windows KB2778344 and uninstall this update.

2) Now you need to hide this update from windows update to prevent this particular update to install automatically on your computer.

3) On your Desktop,

-- right-click the Action Center icon on the taskbar
-- Open Windows Update
-- Change settings and under "Important updates"
-- Choose "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them"
-- Press OK
-- Now when KB2778344 shows up as an "important update", right-click on it and select "Hide update"

Once done. restart your computer and you will not get this blue screen of death anymore.

--> Now your turn to help. Please have your comment if this solution helps.

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