Thursday, July 11, 2013

Eanble laptop tochpad with Keyboard

Enable Laptop touch pad using Keyboard (Without Mouse)

If you have accidentaly disabled your laptop touch pad then you can enable it by following steps mention here. Click here to enable touchpad if you have access to external mouse.

In case if you do not have access to mouse then follow below steps to enable touchpad without mouse.

1.       Look for 
  sign. If you can find this (usually under F3 or F6 key) then press and hold function key and press that key with  above mentioned symbol.

2.       If you can not find above mentioned symbol then use your keyboard to enable touchpad.

1.     Press the Start key on the keyboard (the one with the Windows icon).

2.     Type mouse in the search box.

3.     Use the cursor keys to highlight the Change Mouse Properties option and press Enter .

4.     In Mouse Properties use CTRL+TAB to go to the Device Settings menu.

5.     Use the cursor keys to highlight the TouchPad under Devices .

6.     Use the TAB key to highlight the Enable button and press Enter 
7.     Click the OK button to accept changes and close the mouse properties window.

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