Monday, August 19, 2013

Exchange 2010 error 451 4.4.0 - SOLVED

Error 451 4.4.0 Exchange 2010 is related to DNS query failed. If you have this error on your server then simple work around will solve.

1.    First of all open the Exchange Management Console
2.    The expand the Server Configuration option
3.    Select properties of server by right clicking on the server
4.    Now under property click on  External DNS Lookups option
5.    Here select the option use these DNS Servers button and add the external DNS IP addresses of your ISP. (You can get by calling ISP)
6.    Save the configuration by clicking Save button
7.    Now its time to go on send connector TAB
8.     Expand the Organization Configuration and click on tab called Send Connectors
9.    Select properties by right clicking on send connector
10.  Here select Network TAB
11.  Select  option to use domain name system MX records to route mail automatically and make sure to tick the Use the External DNS Lookup settings on the transport server
After doing these steps exchange will process all the queue emails.

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