Saturday, May 2, 2015

Disabled message on iPAD. Enable the disabled iPAD without loosing data - SOLVED

Last week my son has entered wrong password many times and it disabled my iPAD. When i turn my ipad on it was giving me Disabled message on my iPAD.

This method also works with disabled iPhone. This method helps you to enable your disabled iPAD or iPhone without loosing data.

There are two methods to enable iPAD. first one is to factory restore your iPAD and other one is just enable without loosing data. 

Enable the disabled iPAD without loosing data.

1. Open iTune on your computer. Make sure do not connect to your iPAD to computer yet  (this computer must be the same computer where your iPAD is sync last time)

2. Now connect your disabled iPAD to computer and wait for this to display in iTune

3. Click on your iPAD name and it will give you two options. Restore the backup or setup new iPAD

4. Now click on Setup new iPAD and then click Restore

5. The iPAD will automatically start backing up. Make sure to CANCEL THE BACKUP IMMEDIATELY.  you can cancel by clicking x on stats window in iTune.

6. When back up cancels it will start automatically syncing. . cancel this as well by clicking x on status window in iTune

7. It will start restore your iPad. The first process in restoring iPAD unlock your iPAD. As soon as your iPAD is unlocks make sure to cancel restore process as well.

This method works on disabled iPhone as well.

If this method works to enable your disabled iPAD or iPhone please comment here. Also please comment if you have any question.

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  1. Thank you very much. with your instruction i was able to remove disabled message on my iPad.