Sunday, September 17, 2017

Superfatch is using lot of disk power windows 10

Superfatch service is using lot of CPU and Disk. Is it safe to turn off ? How to turn off Superfatch service on windows 10

What is Superfatch Service ?

Superfatch service is windows service. By default it runs automatically. Superfatch is designed to speedup application launching by Preloading application using your usage pattern.  Sometimes this affect your computer performance. It is good for PCs with higher end CPU and good amount of RAM. for slower PC it is horrible.

How to turn off Superfatch service:

Method 1:

Press Windows Key + R
In search Type Services.msc
In services look for Superfatch
Double click on Superfatch
Click on Stop (This will stop the service)
Under Startup Click on Disable
Press OK

Method 2:

If you cant stop service using services you can use registry editor.

Open registry editor pressing Windows Key and R and typing Regedit

Navigate to

  • CurrentControlSet
  • Control
  • Session Manager
  • MemoryManagement
  • PrefetchParameters

    Double click on Superfatch and change value to 0 and press OK

    registry changes may damage your PC so you must take extra care. Do not use registry editor if you are not computer expert.

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