Sunday, September 17, 2017

Internet connected but not working windows 10 (Solved)

Many of my clients have this issue with Internet connection on windows 10. It says the Internet-connected but not working. I thought writing blog on this issue may help many people here.

First of all, make sure your internet is working using other laptop or mobile device. Once you are sure Modem or internet provider does not have the issue you can go ahead and try the below solution.

Method 1:  This method will solve the issue temporary. Once you will restart PC  it will have the same issue.

Open Command prompt
Type CMD in search and right click and click RUN as Administrator
Once command prompt open Type netsh int ip reset Press OK

Check your Internet will start working

Method 2: Permanent solution of the issue "Internet connected but not working"

Open device manager (type device manager and open it)

Here look for Network Adapter and expand it. Right click on wi fi network adapter and click on Uninstall Device. 

Once it is uninstalled restart your Laptop. Windows will automatically reinstall the driver. Your Internet will start working.

If it still says the Internet-connected but not working. go to device manager as per above instruction and right click on wifi network device and click update driver.

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